Donald J. Trump officially endorses Steve Carra for Congress in Michigan

– September 7, 2021 –

It is my great honor to endorse Michigan State Representative Steve Carra to oppose RINO Congressman Fred Upton.  Upton has not done the job that our Country needs, for years has talked about leaving office and not running again, and he voted for Impeachment of the President of the United States on rigged up charges.  He doesn’t deserve to keep his seat.  Steve Carra, on the other hand, is strong on Crime, Borders, and loves our Military and our Vets.  Steve will continue to fight for Low Taxes and all of the other things that the Great people of Michigan want and need.  Steve Carra has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

Southwest Michigan is a little known gem.

Between our many rivers, lakes, and beaches, lie dozens of small towns full of hardworking people. Families, old and new. Good schools. Safe communities. Competitive jobs. Most of all, countless patriotic Americans.

But as of late, something feels different.

Our values have been abandoned, mocked, and ridiculed. By the media.. the political class… radical Democrats… and worst of all, weak kneed Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). These spineless RINOs parade around during election season talking tough… asking for our votes to send them back to Lansing or Washington and sell us out again and again in backroom deals… for steak dinners, cocktail parties, or praise from woke corporations and the liberal media.

When given the chance to stand up, without fail, these RINO’s sell us out.

EVERY. TIME. When will it END!

We can do better…

I’m State Representative Steve Carra. I represent all of St. Joseph County and most of Cass County. I’m an unapologetic, Pro-Trump Conservative Fighter.

Having lived in Southwest Michigan my whole life, I graduated from Portage Northern in 2007, and from Western Michigan University in 2011 with degrees in Economics and Political Science. Right out of college, I was a research assistant at Acton Institute, a Christian based free market think tank in Grand Rapids. I then worked for Michigan’s most Conservative State representative for three years, before running for office myself.

Status quo politicians…

Like Lansing, Washington is full of too many status quo politicians. I’ve experienced it first hand. That’s why I’m proud to hold the most conservative voting record in Lansing.

But our current Congressman can’t say the same. He’s been in office longer than I’ve been alive. He’s a “go along to get along politician”… he’s more interested in palling around with the elites in DC than getting his hands dirty here in Michigan. The final straw with Fred, was when he decided to turn his back on President Donald J. Trump and voted for Pelosi’s baseless impeachment scam.

But this isn’t a negative campaign…not at all.

This is an opportunity.
A new beginning for us.

This is an opportunity.  A new beginning for us.

Our Congressman has failed us.

  • Voted to Impeach Trump
  • Belittled the fight for election integrity
  • Rated the 2nd-most liberal “Republican” member of Congress

I'm 100% America First

Patriots across the nation are standing up to take our country back. From challenging the media narrative on forever wars, lockdowns and handouts, to fighting tooth-and-nail for election integrity. The America First movement is alive and well. In 2022, our voices will be heard.

I’m 100% Second Amendment Strong

Our Second Amendment clearly states the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I believe any small step toward infringing on our rights is a slippery slope towards even worse gun grabbing policies. Whether it’s bump stocks, AR-15s, or your preferred choice of protection, I will defend and advocate for your right to keep and bear arms.

I’m 100% Pro-Life

​​I recently organized and filed the highest profile amicus brief, by recruiting 100’s of America’s top conservative State Legislators to officially demand that the Supreme Court take action in defending the unborn. The precious gift of Life can no longer suffer from woke lobbyists and the status quo. By constantly working to end the horror of abortion, I will be an unashamed advocate for the unborn.

I’m 100% For Term Limits

Just like here in Michigan, the career politicians in DC need limits on their power. Six years is enough for Michiganders, and it’s enough for DC.

My bottom line, I’m a Pro-Trump Conservative Fighter for Southwest Michigan.

  • I stood tall during the lockdowns.
  • I have had the backs of our small businesses.
  • I have fought for a full forensic audit of the Michigan 2020 election.

But our fight is far from over.

Our fight continues in 2022, and I ask for your vote to Replace Fred Upton with a Pro-Trump Conservative Fighter.