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34 long years without conservative representation has left Southwest Michiganders feeling voiceless. Now is our chance to ensure we are heard. I’ll lead the way by being the most transparent, accessible, and honest congressman you could ever ask for. Together we can and will make a difference!


First official campaign video

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Out in front of this charade, getting individuals to suspend all reason and common sense, is the master of deception, Dr. Fauci. The release of Fauci's emails illuminate a campaign of fear and unflinching cover-up. 

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Memorial Day

Today we honor the fallen. We thank God that such brave men and women lived, that America can call them our heroes.

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How preventing vaccine passports is the free market solution.

A free and just society must reject coercive relationships and special arrangements between businesses and government. Governor Whitmer’s “Vacc to Normal” plan holds businesses...

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Let's talk about Vaccines

Any group which mandates individuals engage in publicly funded acts against their will is acting outside the spirit of the constitution and threatens freedom.

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Steve Carra Officially Kicks Off Congressional Campaign

Carra vows to be the most transparent, accessible, and honest public servant Southwest Michigan could ever ask for.

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Pro America

Status quo politicians give an unfair advantage to special interest groups and those connected in Washington DC. We The People need to rise up and say enough is enough!

Pro Life

Unborn babies have their own DNA, a beating heart, suck their thumbs for security, kick and dream. They are very much alive, very much human, and very much deserving of life. Steve is ready to stand up against lobbyists and the status quo to be the greatest advocate the unborn could ever ask for.

Pro Gun Rights

The second amendment clearly states the right to keep and bears arms shall not be infringed. Steve believes any small step toward infringing on your rights is a slippery slope towards even worse gun grabbing policies. Whether it’s bump stocks, AR-15s, or your preferred choice of protection, Steve will defend and advocate for your right to keep and bear arms.


Steve Carra was born and raised in Southwest Michigan, graduated from Portage Northern High School in 2007, and graduated from Western Michigan University in 2011 with degrees in Economics and Political Science. He was a research assistant at Acton Institute, a Christian-based free market think tank focused on connecting good intentions with sound economics. He then went on to work for Michigan’s most conservative state representative at the time, Steve Johnson, for three years.

Steve currently resides in Three Rivers and is serving in his capacity as the state representative for District 59, encompassing all of St. Joseph County and most of Cass County.

His experience, makes Steve uniquely qualified to hit the ground running, serving as your next congressman. Steve has been an active leader in advocating for limited government and conservative principles for the past 10 years. He knows how the system works but isn’t part of the system. It’s time Southwest Michigan has a strong, bold voice in Washington defending our values.