July 09, 2021

Letter to Michigan AG Nessel

Five Michigan Legislators sign Rep. Steve Carra's letter to Attorney General Dana Nessel. "If you choose to prosecute anyone in the state of Michigan for simply demanding truth...we will immediately submit articles of impeachment."

The Honorable Dana Nessel
Attorney General
Michigan Department Attorney General
525 W Ottawa St
Lansing, MI 48933

Madam Attorney General,

A healthy republic depends on the public’s trust, which legitimizes the authority of each and every public institution and official.  For our Republic to run properly, the election of public officials must be trusted by voters.  After the most recent presidential election, people in Michigan have lost trust and felt alienated by the irregularities of our voting process.

Countless individuals have expressed their concerns in the aftermath of the 2020 General Election because they feel it is in the best interest of the state to investigate issues that have arisen, to prevent further issues in future elections.

The Secretary of State created a system ripe for fraud by illegally relaxing the signature verification process and sending out absentee ballot applications unsolicited.  It is because of these concerns, and many others, that a full, independent, and non-partisan forensic audit of the 2020 General Election is critical to the people of Michigan, to restore faith in the election process.

We have found it concerning that your office has initiated an investigation into prosecuting individuals who, you seem to speculate, have profiteered by making statements about the accuracy and fairness of the election process in Michigan, which, you seem to speculate, were intentionally dishonest.

A criminal investigation is a serious matter, only to be pursued on the basis of probable cause or at the very least, reasonable suspicion.  By attempting to read the mind of an individual to infer criminal intention, you have effectively chilled the free speech of every citizen.

It is patently absurd to prosecute Americans for having a belief that differs from that of their state’s Attorney General and completely unacceptable for a government official to intimidate or suppress anyone’s freedom of expression.  The choice to produce charges without probably cause or reasonable suspicion would be a willful violation of your Oath of Office.

If you choose to prosecute anyone in the state of Michigan for simply demanding truth and transparency in their elections, it will leave no doubt that you are intentionally pursuing charges in bad faith. These actions would constitute a violation of your Oath of Office and we will immediately submit articles of impeachment.


Steve Carra
State Representative
59th District

Daire Rendon
State Representative
103rd District

Bob Bezotte
State Representative
47th District

Pat Outman
State Representative
70th District

Matt Maddock
State Representative
44th District

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